Today we will discuss about how to make your youtube channel come in top of the youtube search results. This can be very helpfull for the upcomming youtubers. You usually start a youtube channel by giving a name, but when you search channel name in youtube it may not be shown up in the top position. To fix this do following,

  1. Open chrome in pc or desktop option ticked chrome in mobile by clicking three dots at the top right corner in mobile. Go to youtube. Click your profile picture in youtube and go to My channel. Then click Creator studio. In left side there will be a block called Channel. Click it, then choose advanced. Then there will be an option called Channel keywords. Fill it with your name in english and in native language seperated by commas ,. You can also add short description of your channel and some most used keywords. Click save.
  2. You need to verify your account. To do this go to Creator studio>channel>Status and features. Click enable in Longer video card. You need to provide your mobile number to verify your channel. An OTP will be send to your mobile and you should submit it there.
  3. You need to upload videos regularly in youtube to get more visitors. When visitors increased automatically search ranking also get increased.